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This can't be the truth.
Consequences that should have been taken,
Realities that should have been dealt with,
all vanished, as if they were never real.
Was it all, really, juts a dream?
Was it all just some figment of my over worried imagination
trying to figure this out?
No, it couldn't have been; I can still feel the tension even now,
Waiting like a coiled spring.
But why has there been no guilty verdict?
Why have those who cannot face the truth been shown its harsh light?
Why did we not the menace before it's long gone.
....But maybe there was never any hope in the first place,
Maybe fate, that twisted card dealer, had stacked the deck in his favor before we even chanced a look at our hands.
Or maybe, now is not the time for the turnabout.
So it waits, in the shadows; waiting for the time to strike.
The time when none of us will be ready.
But maybe that time is near, for am i the only one who remembers what our goal was, what it is we set out to do?
Apparently so.
Lives, chances, a
:iconsasuchick33:sasuchick33 1 0
Turnabout Crossroads
We've finally reached it,
the point where there's no going back.
Where one wrong move can spell fortunate or despair.
And where the way has been craved by all those poor lost along the way.
Here's where it come down to the wire, where the adrenaline
kicks in.
But it's also where the most casualties are, when we get reckless
and don't think things through.
This "small problem", this "private matter",
has grown to be a menace to reality,
and the life of a friend.
No matter what decision is made here, it will end in someones tears.
Or maybe the tears are only the beginning, and the worst will follow....
loss of life is a tragic thing to see, but for some to continue other must perish.
...Or so it goes.
But at these crossroads,
If Fate seeks to tear our very souls apart with it's tricks.....
will we fall, like all those who came before us....
or will we stand, and life for another day.
Only time will tell
:iconsasuchick33:sasuchick33 1 0
Road to the Turnabout
You've been lying to yourself all this time.
Saying that he loves you, even though he doesn't know how you feel.
You keep telling us that we're all jealous; the we can't
just accept your choice and be happy.
But how can I let you make your choice, when I think it's the wrong one?
When I can see, without fantasy in the way, that this will only end in tragedy.
That the only way for you to learn the truth will be for you to have your heart broken
......I don't want to have to watch it happen.
So just snap out of your dream world..and move on.
Don't be so blind that you can't see the edge of the cliff
Don't be so deaf as to ignore the warnings from those who care.
And don't be so stupid to assume it's love when it's not.
But I know you wont listen,.
You haven't before, so why start now?
I want to make you see that, no matter what you do,
this charade will end in tears mixed with blood.
But, I suppose the road to the turnabout is always littered with bodies.
...I just wonder who's will join
:iconsasuchick33:sasuchick33 2 0
You simple watched.
You simple watched as I writhed in pain,
  As I slowly faded into nothing,
...As I died.
You didn't shed a tear.
You didn't even look sad!
  Not once did you try to help me!! were content to simply sit back and watch.
......Why, if you cared about me, did you let me suffer?
....Why, if we were meant for eternity, did you desert me?
..Why, my darling, if you really loved me...................
..........did you kill me????
:iconsasuchick33:sasuchick33 1 12
They toward the graveyard.
Silent, solemn.
I watch them from a distance,
   wondering "how many false tears and sweet nothings
will be said about me?"
I hear their words, empty promises of comfort and praise.
    And I see you
listening like a child to a story.
Buying every sweet lie they tell,
Slipping further into your own grave.
      .............Can the strong really fall so far?
Then the hammer falls.
........I see him, walking towards you with an air of false comfort.....
and evil intent.
I watch, in horror, as he holds you,
comforts you,
  kisses you forehead and tells you things will be alright.
I watch as his venom seeps deeper and deeper into you.
Corrupting your blood and thoughts.
    And you accept it all, none the wiser,
      and all the more naive.
I want to scream, to shout,to tell you to get away.
I want to pull you away from him and tell you
:iconsasuchick33:sasuchick33 1 12
For Eternity
A black abyss of cold loneliness.
Like how I've felt since you left.
Life wasn't fair
  ...not like it ever is.
But this time.... this time......
  The hurt feels so much worse.
'Cause you made me believe
   in all your stupid lies.
Made me believe
    that all WE had to do was try.
But now I've suffocated,
     .......chocked on the very hope you gave me.
And babe, like me
         time doesn't forgive.
So.....I'll sit, suffocating to nothingness
    Cursing your name
.......................................for eternity.
:iconsasuchick33:sasuchick33 2 8
Be the rain
raised voices, yelling, screaming,
broken vases, punching, cursing.
I can't take it anymore!
I'm tired of all the fights,sleepless nights,sorry sights.
Tired of all the pain.
I wish I could be the rain.
I could help heal the wounds,
and broken hearts.
may not stop the violence,
but it's a start.
I wish I could ease the pain.
I wish I could be rain.
whispered nothings, touching, feeling
broken body, shattered dreams.
I can't take it anymore!
I'm sick of all you tortured teasing, always pleasing, YOUR pain I'm easing.
I'm really sick of all the pain,
I wish I could just be the rain.
I'd be there when you need me most.
never to brag, never to boast.
I wish I could just stop the pain.
I wish I could be rain.
tears, hurtful words, arguing,
forgotten promises, empty threats.
I can't take it anymore!
screw all the worn out threatening, useless fretting,"oh, I keep forgetting.'
screw the torture and the pain.
my only wish, to be the rain.
to be the rain, is to be free.
go where I want, no one'
:iconsasuchick33:sasuchick33 2 12
One Destiny by sasuchick33 One Destiny :iconsasuchick33:sasuchick33 1 43

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Phear da SHARPIES!!!
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Ello. I'm from Fayetteville, NC, but right now I'm in Wilmington for college. I'm into anime (especialyy Black Butler and Durarara at the moment), video games, reading (mostly fiction, so long as its not super romance-y), writing, and drawing. I'm always open to trying new things and experiences and exploring other cultures.


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